Since joining ORNL, I have had the privilege of working closely with members of the Quantum Computational Science group, the Quantum Science Center, and the Physics Division in quantum information science research, with a focus on quantum computing. Current topics of interest include (but are not limited to):


  • mathematics of expressiveness in quantum circuits
  • development for the quantum software stack
  • non-local game models for quantum algorithm design
  • software sustainability in hpc-qc workflows



Expressiveness of Commutative Quantum Circuits: A Probabilistic Approach

Jorge M. Ramirez, Elaine Wong, Caio Alves, Sarah Chehade, Ryan Bennink. 2024. Submitted for review.

Links: [arXiv]


A Cross-Platform Execution Engine for the Quantum Intermediate Representation

Elaine Wong, Vicente Leyton-Ortega, Daniel Claudino, Seth Johnson, Sharmin Afrose, Meenambika Gowrishankar, Anthony M. Cabrera, Travis S. Humble. 2024. In preparation.

Links: [arXiv]


Rethinking Quantum Programming Paradigms in the QC-HPC Context

Silvina Caino-Lores, Daniel Claudino, Eugene Dumitrescu, Travis S. Humble, Sonia Lopez-Alarcón, Elaine Wong. In: P. Diehl, Schuchart, J., Valero-Lara, P., Bosilca, G. (Eds.), Workshop on Asynchronous Many-Tasks Systems and Applications (WAMTA), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 14626. Springer, Cham. pp. 84-91, 2024. Short paper.

Links: [arXiv], [DOI]


Quantum Programming Paradigms and Description Languages

Sonia Lopez-Alarcón, Elaine Wong, Travis S. Humble, Eugene Dumitrescu. IEEE Computer Society: Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE), 2024. Opinion article to appear.

Links: [DOI]


A QIR Toolchain with XACC

Elaine Wong, Sharmin Afrose, Meenambika Gowrishankar, Daniel Claudino, Vicente Leyton-Ortega, Seth Johnson, Travis S. Humble. Workshop on Software Architecture Concerns for Quantum at the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), Bellevue, WA, USA, 2023. Proceedings pp. 205-206. Extended abstract.

Links: [DOI]


Opportunities for Quantum Algorithmic Research Using Nonlocal Game Models

Andrea Delgado, Kathleen E. Hamilton, Elaine Wong, Sarah Chehade, Jorge Ramirez-Osorio. Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Basic Needs Workshop for Quantum Computing. 2023. Position.

Links: [pdf]


Quantum Readiness and Robustness Through Sustainable Quantum Software Practices

Daniel Claudino, Elaine Wong, Sharmin Afrose, Peter Groszkowski, Justin Lietz, Francisco Rios, Joseph Wang. Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Basic Needs Workshop for Quantum Computing. 2023. Position.

Links: [pdf]




2024.09 (scheduled): IEEE Quantum Week — Workshop Organization (Montreal)

2024.08 (scheduled): Quantum Computing User Forum — Contributed Talk (ORNL)

2024.05: NSF Future of Semiconductor Workshop: Quantum Computing and Systems — Invited Talk (University of Utah)

2024.02: Workshop on Asynchronous Many-Task Systems and Applications  — Contributed Talk (UT Knoxville)

2023.11: Supercomputing: International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software  — Contributed Talk (Denver)

2023.11: Quantum on the Quad — Posters (ORNL)

2023.10: Mathematics in Computation Seminar — Talk (ORNL)

2023.09: ORNL Software and Data Expo — Poster (ORNL) — Best Presentation Award

2023.09: IEEE Quantum Week: Workshop on Software Architecture Concerns for Quantum — Talk (Seattle)